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An increasing number of computer users choose SSDs as data storage device due to their advantages (fast speed, mechanical shock resistance) in comparison to hard drives. However, SSD devices are not that much more reliable. Data loss on a solid state drive is a common issue. The main problem with NAND flash memory is its limited lifespan. The memory cells can be written a limited number of times before they fail. At one point a flash drive becomes unrecognizable by the computer and you lose access to your important files. Loss of files can also be caused by common logical corruption.

Our expert is at your service if you are faced with an unfortunate data loss situation. The good news is that we have an in-depth knowledge of SSDs, overwhelming experience and use latest and most advanced techniques to recover data from any solid state disk failure. Our lab is fully equipped for solid state drive recovery including different interfaces and form-factors such as SATA, mSATA, M.2(NGFF) , PCIe, etc. SSD storage manufacturers supported include OCZ, Corsair, Crucial, RunCore, A-DATA, G.Skill, Micron, Plextor, Intel, Samsung, Seagate, SanDisk, Kingston and others. We work close with well-established research labs to make sure that we continue offering the best chances of recovery for fast evolving SSD technology. All our services are backed with a "No Data, No Charge" guarantee.

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