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Flash memory has become ubiquitous because of some advantages over other forms of portable storage. Today you can find flash media in usb sticks, digital camera cards, smartphones, audio recorders, etc. They function just like a little portable hard disk without the bulk and fragility, packing a lot of capacity. They are almost perfect. Unfortunately, they are not 100% protected from data loss. This is where you need our help.

We have been performing data recovery from physically damaged flash media since 2006, when flash technology was young. Flash storage media is evolving rapidly with new products released monthly, and so are our technical abilities to recover files from it. Over the years we have developed the necessary skills and capabilities needed to recover data virtually in all situations. Have you accidentally deleted images, videos or document files from your media or formatted your memory card? Is your USB drive undetectable or physically broken? If that is the case, then you have come to the right place.

Formatted memory cards and erased files are usually recoverable unless data is overwritten. We can handle all types of flash media data loss and restore your memorable wedding or vacation photos, as well as important documents. We can retrieve your files even if the media is not recognized by a computer and the device seems to be unresponsive or physically broken. There is no need to get upset. We have helped many professional photographers, videographers, businesses and individuals and we can help you too. We want to make the process of recovering your valuable files as smooth as possible.

What you should do right now:

What to avoid:

no format dialog

If the computer/camera asks you to format or initialize the media, do not format, as this may erase all your images

Stop using it immediately, and do not take any additional pictures or transfer the data to the device.

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