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data recovery expert in cleanroom

At Vital Data Recovery you will find the world-class data recovery expert with computer science and engineering background, in addition to nearly twenty years of unique experience with all types of data storage. No matter your situation he can help you. Thousands of successful cases are a testament to his expertise.

Founded in 2003, Vital Data Recovery quickly gained a competitive advantage in the industry due to its high service standards. How do we achieve such excellent results? We learn from the best, invest in the most advanced equipment, we always get the maximum possible in the circumstances and we do it consistently.

Our emphasis on strong relationships with our suppliers has enabled us to achieve a competitive advantage and a long-term leadership in the market.

Best equipped lab

data recovery expert in cleanroom

We deal on-site with the most severe cases of media failure and perform highly sensitive internal mechanical jobs in a clean room environment Class 100/ISO5 supplied by the leading manufacturing expert. It allows us to avoid contamination and retrieve as much data as possible. We use also specialized, state-of-the-art data recovery tools and equipment. Please visit our lab for further information.

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We are in the business to deliver results. Whether your storage device is in a high-end operated infrastructure or a simple hard drive we will take care of your data. Take a look at our clients' experiences with our Montreal data recovery service.

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