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Only few competitors can match our data recovery capabilities

Tools do not make you Data Recovery company. But we have a lot of them (best ones too). It is your experience, creativity, procedure, steady hands, problem solving skills and sometimes just your intuition. That is what we have to offer. If you want to get your files back then you have come to the right place!

Vital Data Recovery specializes in recovering files from all types of RAID, hard drive, SSD, flash memory and other media. We have been providing hard drive recovery services Canada-wide and worldwide from our Montreal data recovery laboratory for over 15 years.

Our service starts with free estimation. We will only proceed with data recovery upon your approval. We are confident in our abilities to recover your files and offer a "No Data, No Charge" policy. In other words, if your files are not recoverable you will not be billed. In the case of an emergency, we can complete the job as fast as 24 to 48 hours which is the quickest turnaround in the industry!

Our expertise lets us handle virtually any request, from the simplest to the most complex cases. We offer the most technologically advanced hard drive data recovery available! If it is still possible to recover your files, we can do it. If another expert has told you that your files are unrecoverable, send it to us for a second opinion. We have a genuine appreciation for the vital nature of your information, whether it is personal or business. Data loss can be reversed with one call to our Montreal data recovery lab.

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“I am here because I have heard that you are good in hard drive recovery.” That is what we hear every day.

To: Vitali Priadkine

Just want to say a huge thank you for the amazing service you provide. Your professionalism and quick responses to all my questions, your clear explanations for each step was above and beyond! Purolator delivered the hard drive today and I've had a chance to check things out, looks like the bulk of what I had is there. So happy. Feels like I got a huge piece of my children's childhood back!!! We will refer you to friends who may need this service as well!


Hannah Corbin

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