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Free Diagnostic Evaluation.

There is no charge for preliminary diagnostics. We will evaluate the condition and recoverability of your data free of charge regardless of the time and complexity involved. In our day to day data recovery operations we meet a wide range of different media problems, from simple to the most complex. As a result, there is a price variation due to the differences in time to do recovery and expenses for reparation parts. Our diagnosis is free, regardless of whether you decide to proceed with data recovery or not.

No data, no charge - 100% result based

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No Hidden Charges.

There is only one price - the price for the data recovery. There are no additional service charges beyond our estimate. We stand behind this to ensure that your final price will never exceed the amount quoted.

No Data, No Charge.

Our No Data, No Charge policy guarantees that we do all in our power to recover your data. It also means that there is no risk when using our services. We do not charge you unless you receive back your lost data. You will only pay for the result you have expected.


The recovery price is based on the time and procedures involved. The cost for a typical data recovery is usually in the range of $400-1400 CAD. The price may exceed this range for extremely complicated cases, emergency jobs, encrypted file systems, as well as specialized or unique devices.

In any case we always give you the quote and ask your approval before proceeding further. If your media is unrecoverable, you will pay nothing except shipping costs if needed.

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