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Vital Data Recovery specializes in Redundant Array of Independent Drive (RAID) data recovery services for all brands and configurations on any platform. We understand that a RAID system or server failure is the most severe media crash that can happen in a business environment. Our RAID data recovery professional has high technical expertise which allows us to achieve the highest success rate in the industry. Over the years we helped many companies that experienced data loss due to crashed array. No matter the cause of your data loss, be assured that in most cases it can be recovered.

Unlike a single hard drive recovery, RAID recovery is more difficult due to parity, hard disk order, rebuilds, and drive synchronization. Therefore, we strongly discourage you to try restoring the array on your own. Any attempts (rebuild, drive swap) may significantly decrease the chances of a successful recovery outcome. Before doing anything you might later regret, call us for a free phone consultation with our specialist. We understand the urgency of the situation and can help you get your business up and running fast.

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Vital Data, one of the first companies to widely establish data recovery services 15 years ago, is committed providing professional solutions that have already helped businesses and organizations of all sizes as well as individuals.

For us, there is no difference whether it is help for small photo boutique, municipal government Ville de Montreal or even largest national carrier Air Canada.

Several factors contribute to the advanced nature of Vital Data Recovery: our best data recovery expert, newest technologies, latest state of the art equipment and clean-room facility.

The list of our clients and testimonials speak for themselves.

For Emergency

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Data recovered within 24-48 hours

We understand that time can be an issue. Our emergency service is available when time is a critical matter. We will prioritize your case above all other active jobs and conduct recovery even outside our business hours in the fastest way possible. Our ultimate goal is to get your operations up and running ASAP.

In most cases we can complete data recovery from the failed RAID or hard drive within 24 to 48 hours. The total cost of the recovery project will depend on the complexity of the work. Also, rush service adds 50% to the price. We may also charge for estimation if recovery is initiated outside normal business hours. Please call us for more details.

In case of loss of Critical Data we provide:

We can securely send your critical files to you via FTP within hours of receiving your drive.

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April 5, 2013

Saved by Vital Data Recovery

Our company E&B Data was literally saved by Vital Data Recovery, we were extremely lucky to find them! Our server's hard drive with lots of critical data crashed badly, and in addition to this, the backup we made previously was too old, so we needed urgent help. We called many companies for data recovery, but their delays were of at least 3 days to recover data, without speaking of the costs. We found Vital Recovery after reading reviews, and as soon as possible brought our hard drive there. They examined the hard drive for free and the next day in the morning, we received all our data restored! This was an express work; extremely fast considering that we had around 500GB of data to save. This kind of quality work is unique and makes Vital Data Recovery very special. Recommended!

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