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Class 100 clean room environment

A clean room is critical when working with internally damaged hard drives. A hard drive has mechanical and electronic elements inside. Heads fly over the surface with very high speed, while the gap between heads and platters is extremely small (few nanometers for modern hard drives). The ambient air in a typical city environment contains more than one million particles per cubic meter. This is why magnetic heads and disk platters in an open disk case will be exposed to dust, fingerprints and other contaminating factors. Just a few dust particles can cause complete destruction of the magnetic layer and irreversible loss of data. Therefore, working with hard drive internal components requires a dust free environment.

We have Class 100/ISO5 clean room environment fromTerra Universal installed to perform head stack replacements and platter transplants.

State of the art equipment

data recovery lab equipment

Best equipment - more chances

To perform successful data recovery, we consistently invest in the best data recovery equipment, technologies and tools. PC-3000 system fromACELabis an essential tool in our data recovery operations. Workstations with PC-3000 EXPRESS, RAID, UDMA, SAS/SCSI, SSD and Flash hardware and software systems also allow us to perform a wide range of recoveries.

Successful data recovery operations today demand a wide variety of tools and instruments. We use multimeters, oscilloscopes and logic analyzers for microelectronic repair and research, stereo microscope for microsoldering and analyzing small components. We own a collection of professional soldering stations for precise soldering and microsoldering jobs, desoldering pcb rework station and digital infrared irda soldering station. Finally, we keep a wide range of adapters, socket adapters to support ever increasing range of interfaces and components.

The best and only machine to read information out of a hard drive is the hard drive itself. If your drive is physically damaged, we will first need to repair it to extract the data. In order to replace a faulty part, we have a large stock of donor drives available to cover virtually all components requests for hard drive repair.

Maintaining state-of-the-art lab equipment in addition to our first mover advantage allows us to keep the highest success rate in the industry.

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