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Free call consultation

A call to Vital Data Recovery is your first step to successful data recovery. During your free consultation, you will receive preliminary answers to your particular case, such as the probability of file recovery, price and time-frame. We will also advise you on steps to take to ensure successful recovery and instruct you on shipping procedures.

How we do it

Upon receipt of your package, we will immediately proceed with the evaluation of the severity of your case. We will estimate the chances of a successful recovery, the time needed and provide you with a detailed quote.

The recovery process begins as soon as you give us the heads up. During this stage we will overcome the problems that made the data inaccessible. Regular recovery usually takes from 2 to 5 days. If your case is an emergency, it is possible to get it done within 24 to 48 hours.

If you choose not to recover your files, you will only be responsible for the shipping fee and your drive will be returned to you shortly.

Returning your data to you

Recovery is only considered successful if we recover your files. You will receive the list of recovered files for your approval. Once the result is accepted we will ship your files on a media of your choice. Recovered data is returned on a new hard drive or through FTP.

As a part of our service we always store a copy of your recovered data for a period of 10 days on our server, after which it will be permanently deleted. This will ensure successful recovery of your files. Also, after returning your data we will advise you about whether to continue using your original drive.

Data Security

Data security is a key part of the recovery process. We see it as one of our most critical responsibilities. We sign a non-disclosure agreement for clients that specifically request it. However, you should know that with or without an agreement, your data is completely secure with us.

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