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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard disk crashed? Deleted Files? First steps are critical for successful data recovery!

The data is still there, right?

The data is still there, if you have the means to recover it. What is the most important at this step is not to aggravate the damage. If you have just suffered a loss of access to your files, then the one thing to remember is not to panic!

We can recover lost data in practically all situations, regardless of whether the hard drive has crashed, you reformatted the drive, or erased important files.

But you have to know that modern hard drives are extremely fragile. If you continue using mechanically degrading drive, it can completely damage hard drive platters and make data recovery technically impossible. We had cases when liquid was spilled on a laptop hard drive damaging electronics, but liquid did not get inside the drives. Those cases 100% recoverable! However, unprofessional attempts to reanimate semi-working PCBs lead to creating many bad sectors, making data recovery still possible, but with many corrupt files.

The same happens when files are accidentally erased from a hard drive. When you deleted a file, it is not wiped from the hard drive completely. Only the pointer gets removed that is indexing to the deleted file. Due to this, that space is marked as a free space and ready to be used by another file. Therefore, it is always advisable not to access the drive after deletion. Since modern running OS does a lot of work in the background it is better to shut down the system completely to prevent important files being overwritten.

There's a very thin difference between getting all your data back and completely unrecoverable system in some cases. Don't be that statistic! If you are not sure, please call us first before doing anything. That may save your files and make recovery the best possible in the circumstances.

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What you should avoid

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You might have heard of the different DIY data recovery tricks to pull your files out of a crashed hard drive, such as tapping the side or putting it in the freezer. Some of those tricks might actually work on occasion, but you should not attempt to repair a damaged hard drive. For example, freezing a hard drive only works for very few particular models. However, you risk aggravating the problem if you do not properly defreeze it. In fact, you can even produce additional damage to your hard drive. The situation must first be properly diagnosed by an expert.

If your hard drive is clicking or making unusual noises, we strongly discourage you to turn your system on. We ask you to NOT OPEN YOUR HARD DRIVE under any circumstances. Do not make rushed decisions opening a hard drive as you will let dust from regular environment inside. It can irreversibly destroy hard drive platters, which can make it unrecoverable. Remember that modern drives are extremely fragile.

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Something bad happened and you cannot access important files locked inside your damaged hard drive. What now? This is where we can help. Vital Data Recovery is a leading data recovery expert situated in Montreal, Quebec. We have been successfully recovering data from failed hard drives for over 20 years. Our world-class experience and advanced lab with state of the art equipment allows us to treat the most severe hard drive failures.

We have performed thousands of successful recoveries from all hard drive manufacturers including Western Digital(WD), Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Maxtor, and others. We consistently recover files from hard drives claimed by other companies as "unrecoverable".

The list of our clients and testimonials speak for themselves.

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Christian Paquin

Sep 2017

VitalData did an amazing job at recovering my lost data.

I had a 3 TB HD disk with vacation and family memories of photos and videos. Suddenly my disk couldn't be accessed anymore.

VitalData provided a friendly customer service. They explained to me in detail what could be done to restore the data. They gave me a free estimate and a document of all the files that could be recovered. This helped a lot in my decision to go ahead with the process.

I am really glad I found them and would recommend them highly. Also, I will do more backup from now on :-)

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