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Here at Vital Data Recovery we strongly believe that our services are the best in the world. Of course we know we are biased. The greatest satisfaction for us is to make our clients happy. We are glad to see our Customer Satisfaction Rating at 100% and work hard to keep it that way. This is why some of the most well-known businesses come to us to recover their data.

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We have 4.9 based on 75 Google reviews. For your convinience we have copied some of our Google reviews on this page.


4 months ago

I am an IT/Network specialist and I have used VitalData on several occasions for my clients. They have all been satisfied with the time it took to get their data recovered and with the price. On my latest visit, they were able to recover files from a set of old RAID-5 drives with errors, which was a low chance of success to start with. Very impressed!

Caster Parham

5 months ago

Really have to give it to these folks, professional, friendly and very very very competitive prices. Other places had quoted me more than 2.5x what Vital Data Recovery charged. Not to mention he saved all my info, including the hard drive I dropped.

Jeff Shuter

4 months ago

Great service from a-z. Explained the whole process clearly right from the start, price was reasonable and a pleasure to deal with, even in this unpleasant data recovery situation. Would highly recommend.

Jenny Siu

11 months ago

Ive recently brought my hard drive to Vital to get data recovered. I was so pleased with the results and service, I would highly recommend him to anyone! It was such a good experience for me, especially not knowing too much about computers. He was very helpful and explained everything to me. From A-Z I was satisfied with there service. I would go back to him in a heartbeat.

Zack Monahoyios

7 months ago

When my computer would not start up and I got a blue screen, I thought I might have a problem. So I took it to a repair shop. There I was told that my motherboard was fried and needs to be replaced, as well as the CPU because they couldn't fit the old CPU on the new motherboard and the RAM memory, all of that for the cost of $ 600. Since all I wanted was to have access to my data I told to do it. The next day they said that my hard disc had failed as well and I needed to get a new one. So their initial diagnostic was wrong, it was not the motherboard but the HDD that had failed. I got my computer back without changing the motherboard and went to see an IT specialist. He checked my computer, assured me that my motherboard was fine and that only the HDD would not start up but he was confident that through some programs that he had he could recover all my data. The next day him too raised up his arms saying that he was unable to. He referred me to a firm that specialize in data recovery, gave me the address where to send it to and told me that he worked with them before, they are the best in the industry and he had no doubt whatsoever that they can recover my data. So I sent my HDD to them by courier and was delivered to their address last Friday afternoon at 4:30 pm. Little did I know that this was only a drop off location. From there the following Monday my HDD was send to Cleveland OH where their lab is located. I got an email diagnostic that my data are recoverable and a quotation of USD 1650 which is equivalent to CAD 2145 to get the job done. I found this amount exorbitant, I refused the quotation and I asked for my drive to be send back to me. They then offered me to negotiate, if I was not in a harry they would ask one of their engineers to work during his off hours and would do my job within the next 10 working days or so. I got this funny uneasy feeling that they were trying to milk me for the most they could so I refused again and insisted that mt HDD is returned by UPS freight collect. One more day went by, to be told that they did not have a UPS account. I had to print the UPS waybill and email it to them, and I also called UPS to go to their place to pick up the package. So eventually I got it back. The same day I found out about VITAL DATA RECOVERY through the original local computer repair shop that I had gone too. So I called them. After a brief conversation Vitali assured me that their lab was located in Montreal, that the cost for this service would be between CAD 400-1400 depending on the size of the HDD and work required and that the job would be completed within 2-3 days at the most. So I packed my disc again and couriered it to him. This is when things started turning around. The following morning I received a call that my data were recoverable and the cost would be CAD 650. I agreed to that. The same afternoon he sent me by email the list of files and folders that he was able to recover, which was all of them, I went to see him and gave him a new portable HDD to transfer my data into. Vitali told me that he would also keep my data in storage as a temporary back up for the next 20 days, just to make sure that I do not have any problems with the transferring from one storage device to another. Overall I was extremely satisfied with Vitali's professionalism, efficiency, speed and reasonable price in executing this operation and recovering my data. I will use his services again if I have a similar problem and would wholeheartedly recommend his data recovery services to anyone.

Wolfe Girardin

a year ago

Vital Data Recovery really saved me. My external hard drive broke and I tried 3 other recoveries with friends and acquaintances who know about computers and it seemed like nothing could be done, until I came here. Vitali got pretty much everything back (1TB) in a very short amount of time. It is not a cheap process but this kind of scientific data recovery is going to cost the same or more elsewhere (I did my research). Really good customer service - Vitali was really nice and honest, he always welcomed me with a handshake and a smile and did his best to provide dumbed down explanations of each step of the process so that I could understand. This guy is legit, I could tell by the countless certificates on his office wall and how he looks you in the eye when doing business. Hopefully I don't have to come back here anytime soon haha but I highly recommend you go if you've lost your precious data!

Anthony Belleau

a year ago

Vital Data Recovery, superb service. An unmatched professional experience. Thank you for recovering the video my mom left for my children before her passing.

George Stoynev

2 years ago

Very professional, quick, accurate service! Recovered all the data from SD Card Class 4 with FAT32. Before I went there I tried to recover the data myself. Three computers, Windows and Linux, even tried putting the card in the freezer for a day. Nothing helped, the card was unreadable. Went there thinking that they will just confirm my conclusion of impossible recovery. For my surprise, they were able to recover the whole card, 16 GB, including one 2.7 GB video file. Exceptional, I was amazed. Well done!

Sebastien Gaboury

a year ago

My external hard drive was dead (i'm in IT) so I did what I could do recuperate the lost data. But I couldn't recover as there were too many bad sectors. I thought my data was lost forever and I had not made a backup of it. Thanks to Vitaly's skills and knowledge he was able to do some magic and recover my data even though the drive was also encrypted.
I know have all my data back. he's a life saver. Don't expect to pay 100-200$ for such complexe work as it needs special equipment and knowledge. What's worth all your souvenirs/phot/videos you lost ? no price....
However, his prices are fair and appropriate to the complexity of the job.
I truly recommend Vitaly!

Andrea Levy

2 years ago

I was in a state of considerable distress when I arrived at Vital Data Recovery in the hope that the large amounts of data from my damaged hard drive could be salvaged. Happily, I came to the right place! To my great relief, Vital Data succeeded in recovering all but a few minor corrupt files. Mr. Priadkin was very pleasant to deal with and very professional. And I believe the price is more reasonable than that of competitors. Highly recommended!

Hamud Zaman

a year ago

Vitali and Elena helped us retrieve some cherished files that we never expected to be able to get back. They showed empathy and concern for our situation and went above and beyond to get us results that we were very satisfied with. I would HIGHLY recommend Vital Data Recovery if you ever end up in a crisis where you have lost data or the device you use to store files has stopped functioning.

Martin Reis

4 years ago

Ever hear the expression less is more?
Mr.Vitale wont greet you with 10$ words and try to accentuate on terms to dazzle you with the tech side of things.
To me that was a major plus. Excellent service and turn around time. All he asked of me was to have an extra drive handy to retrieve my data if and when it was going to be available. I was able to access a file prior to retrieval and see the full rooting of my failed drive. It was a great help. I would recommend his service to any one but especially the self-employed professionals like myself.
Turn around time 10/10
Service 10/10

Sahar Homami

6 years ago

It's not a great feeling when you realize one day that your external hard drive suddenly is not working and is giving you this stupid clicking sound! Especially if you are like me and have backed up nowhere and all your important files are on it!
I did a lot of research for all possible places in Montreal and even Toronto! Vital data was the first place that did the diagnosis for me and guess what...I came back to them after giving my drive to a few other places because they offer a great service with the best price!
Vitaly is a real professional. He's a very nice person and very patient. He explains everything fully so that you know exactly what is going on with your damaged device. The service is great. They give you exact quotes and they act fast. I got my data recovered in 3 days.
I am very satisfied overall and will definitely recommend this place!

Marlon Kuhnreich

2 years ago

Very professional & very knowledgeable. I hope I never have to use their services ever again, but if I had to I would definitely come back

Matt Mousavi

7 years ago

You can't understand how it feels when your laptop's hard drive stop working and all of your valuable data are there and you have no Backups!!!! If you had such an experience you know what am I talking about...
But don't worry! this guy is doing a very good job! If there is a way to retrieve your data, he will find it! In my case, every single file was retrieved and the job was done very fast.
Thanks Vitaly!! Hats Off!!!

Letitia Lim

3 years ago

Vital Data was a life saver on more than one occasion for me.
I work with large data-sets of images for 3D modelling. Needless to say, my office has stacks of hard drives, and I was behind on my back-ups. One day, one hard drive fell off the shelf. It barely fell 1.5ft, but that was enough to damage it. I brought it to my regular computer repair shop, he tried his best but was unsuccessful. Then he recommended me to Vital Data, he said it was "the most honest".
The end of the story is that I went to Vital Data and they managed to recover all my data. It was a complicated recovery, but successful none the less. Mr. Vitali Priadkine communicated with me every step of the way, and was very patient in answering all my questions. It was obvious that he was careful about confidentiality and always double-checking and verifying.
I am grateful for the recovery of my data. I only wish their office was closer to downtown. With Vital Data, you will be in good hands. I can see now why my regular computer guy recommended Vital Data. Beyond honestly, they also have years of experience, combined with up-to-date expertise. And to top it off, they did it all with professionalism. That was my experience with them, and I would recommend without any hesitation.

Rami Bissat

4 years ago

Mr. Vitale took his time to:
- assess how damaged the internal Hard Drive was,
- to explain why using a professional attempt to recover data from a hard drive is crucial for a successful recovery,
- and what needs to be done and how his service works.
He offered free assessment of the hard drive, and provided a very reasonable quote conditional on the recovery of the requested files. Mr. Vitale delivered on time exactly what he promised, he also took his time to help me put a small data back-up plan. Overall a very positive experience.

A Google User

7 years ago

Your recovery DVD was just perfect... the folder heirarchy was perfectly mirrored, with everything exactly where I expected it to be, which made my restoration work fast and easy. My client is absolutely overjoyed that I was able to restore his system to exactly as it was before his 7-year-old hard drive crashed. Visiting the Vital Data Recovery offices was a pleasure in itself... the fastidiously clean and well-organized facilities speak volumes about how this company operates. This is definitely the best place to go for all your data recovery requirements... their pices are fair and competitive, and the service is fast, courteous, and technically top-notch.

A Google User

5 years ago

I had a positive experience with Vital Data. They were professional and quick to help me with data retrieval from a USB device. They were also very knowledgeable and were able to explain the process to me. The only complaint I have is the price of data recovery in general?from what I know Vital Data?s prices are quite standard. I would recommend this company for any data retrieval needs. That being said, I have learned that backing up data is the only way to avoid this-- everything breaks eventually.

A Google User

7 years ago

Thank you very much for rescuing my data.
Your professionalism is great and reliable.
I will strongly recommend your services.

A Google User

8 years ago

I just received the CDs with my data and looked through them all. I think I have everything back... at least the most important data for my master's.

A Google User

5 years ago

Vitali did an excellent job. He recovered all the needed data from our dead hard drive. He understood that it was critical and urgent for us so he did everything he can in a small amount of time to recover all the data. Thank you Vitali.

A Google User

6 years ago

I must say, I was stressed when my hard drive crashed and I heard this so called click of death. An IT cousin tried recovering the data and he could not. brought it to a store and they to could not recover any information. Not that I had valuable information on my drive but my childrens pictures are important to me. In just a few days Vitali recovered everything off my drive. It cost be exactly what he quoted me. This is not cheap (and I wished it was) but I know I would have to pay likely double somewhere else. Overall I am satisfied and thank you Vitali.

A Google User

6 years ago

EXCELLENT JOB! I went to bed thinking that all was lost, but today the sun is shining! It is unbelievable and a miracle! My 2 RAID drives crashed and my hosting company did not maintain an onsite backup. In addition, one of the drives had been offline for 6 months and the hosting co had failed to alert me to that fact! I was already flying on one engine when the plane went down! So, I didn't have much hope when my drives were shipped to VitalData. But they came thru like a champ and recovered my entire 84 GB database and over 45k critical files! I still have some cleanup/recovery to do on 5 DB tables and I lost about 600 records but all in all, I am very happy with the reuslts. Great job, Vitali! You are a real life saver!!!

Philippe Duong

10 months ago

Excellent service! Ma tante avait une clef USB remplie de documents importants. Elle avait pas faites de backup. Le service fut impeccable et sans risque. On a pris le temps de m'expliquer ce qu'ils allaient faire et que si j'etais pas satisfait, pas de frais. Je recommande cet endroit a n'importe qui !

Gildas Thiolon

3 years ago

Rapide efficace et tres pros

David Moussu

2 years ago

Tres bon service. Rapide et rassurant.

A Google User

5 years ago

Rapide, efficace et soumission sans frais. Bon diagnostique et pas de soucis sur la veracite de sa soumission. Nous pensions que notre dique etait formate mais finalement il ne l'etait pas. Facturation veridique en fonction du probleme reel. Services rapide par telephone et par courriel. Nous ferons affaires encore avec cette compagnie en cas de besoin.

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