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Toshiba Hard drive. Motor related failures

Toshiba laptop hard drives are very practical on laptop market. We want to focus your attention on the models MKGAS, MKGAX and the most common reason for their failure. The weak point of these models is a sticking spindle motor. Hard drives fail when bearing becomes seized and gets stuck with the spindle motor. Once this happens, the hard drive makes a loud noise at start up and the motor stops spinning. If attempting to restart the laptop computer, the hard disk makes a quiet creak or no sound at all. Such a problem can be fixed only in a clean room environment because it requires reassembling the spindle motor and the platters by relocating them to a good drive with a functional spindle motor. It is important to note that professional Toshiba hard drive data recovery is necessary in this case.

Another frequent problem in Toshiba laptop drives is a crash of the fluid dynamic bearing. In these cases, first, the lubricated oil used inside the bearing starts to thicken and gum up. As a result, the fluid dynamic bearing collapses or gets contaminated so that the hard drive seizes. Hence, the spindle motor is unable to beat the friction and starts spinning at variable speeds or fails to rotate, making a creaking sound in both cases.

If your Toshiba laptop hard drive experiences the following symptoms, it indicates a failure of the spindle motor, making the data inaccessible.

- Hard disk is not recognized by computer
- Whirring sound as the drive is trying to start
- Ticking noises coming from the drive
- Absolute silence when hard drive powered on
- The motor starts to spin but fails and restarts repeatedly
- Hard drive doesn't spin up at all and seems to be dead

Fortunately, hard drives with seized spindle motors are recoverable in most cases. We are proficient to perform a complete data recovery on all Toshiba laptop drives.

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