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Spilt water on your computer can wash away your data.

Cases with spilt beverages on laptops, which recur at our practice quite often lately, are the purpose of this article. Why do people put in jeopardy their important data by placing their laptops close to water, juice, coffee, or other liquids? Are they in a rush? Or are they just crazy? On the same day, we had two students come into our office crying to save their data from a computer that accidently came in contact with some water. Didn't they know that even a tiny bit of any liquid spilt onto a laptop could damage the machine and/or cause data loss?

girl drinking coffee over computer

In fact, it is very possible because all liquids contain different substances, particularly of mineral content, as dissolved solids (nitrates, chlorides, sulfates, acids, etc.). These solids also serve as conductors; therefore, the combination of electricity and the liquids containing them will start electrolytic activity and can short out powered circuits in the laptop at any time after the spill. In addition, liquid getting inside the hard drive through ventilation holes located on it can result in corrosion of metal contacts on the hard drive, and make the hard drive inaccessible and data lost

What you should do if you happen to spill liquids on their laptop computer:

1. Immediately turn off the laptop.
2. Unplug the machine.
3. Remove both the battery and the A/C adapter.
4. Turn laptop upside down to stop the liquid from leaking into the laptop components.
5. Remove the hard drive.
6. Call for professional data recovery assistance

What you should remember:

1. Do not turn the laptop back on before it has dried up completely.
2. Do not use a fan or a hairdryer to speed up the process - high temperature may damage the hard drive, as well as other parts.
3. Do not clean the hard drive. Just send it as it is to a professional for a chance of data recovery.

We advise:

Even if you happen to be enjoying a glass of Armand de Brignac, a mug of hot cappuccino, a bottle of chilled sparkling water, a can of aromatic bubble soda, or any other beverage, please, remember to keep you laptop away from it!!!

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