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Linux Data Recovery

If you have experienced such problems as data loss due to deleted, formatted, damaged, or corrupted partitions, where Linux operating systems are installed on the hard disk or data storage media including: RedHat Linux, Caldera Linux, Mandrake Linux, Turbo Linux, Novell SuSE Linux, SCO Linux, Debian Linux, , Sorcerer Linux, Slackware Linux , Gentoo Linux, Vital Data Recovery will help you recover lost, deleted partitions, files and folders from IDE/EIDE/ATA & SCSI hard drive media.

The most popular files systems we deal with on Linux computers are Ext2 and Ext3 File Systems.

Vital Data Recovery restores your lost data in most of the following conditions:

- Deleted data (files and partitions)
- Linux operating system corruption
- Reformatted disk
- Accidental deletion
- Virus attack
- Reformatted partition
- OS corruption
- Windows registry corruption
- Software corruption
- Physical damage of storage
- Mechanical storage crash

Call us for friendly advice and fast and confidential Linux data recovery service. We are ready to answer any questions that you may have. Please call us toll free at1-888-570-0775.

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