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Five tips on how to prevent your business data from loss.

More than 50% of businesses have been ever affected by data loss. That is an established fact! To operate a business on a top level you are required to protect critical data from failure. Whether you face with an issue such as slow computer performance, or aged hardware, or data backup glitch, or viruses, you risk not to getting any work done or losing important data. The five tips below help you ensure your data in a guard.

1.Hardware replacement

Computer studies prove that the chances of physical failure with computer equipment rise radically after two to three years. We advise you to consider replacing computer systems, particularly hard drive, every three years.

2.Power protection

Purchasing an ultra-top computer most of users disregard to invest on a high-quality surge protector unit. They do not realize that power outages and drops can cause disaster on computer equipment such as data storage and sudden data loss. We suggest that you replace surge protector every three years.

3. Employees training

It is often assumed that employees are highly educated about software and hardware applications on the workplaces. In reality, only a small percentage of users completely understand the software products they work with. Training personnel, companies can maximize their efficiency and minimize the risk of accidental data corruption.

4. Install a data back up system

We all understand that business is organism and data is its blood. Unfortunately not all businesses take proper safety measure to protect this vital treasure. One critical data loss happening can potentially put a company out of business. Data backup requires having a spare copy of crucial information stored in a secure location and without delay available in case if your originals are destroyed. Far too many users recall the backup after data corruption. Develop your backup plan before! Back up on a regular basis (daily, weekly). Make several copies of your data. Keep backup at a secure separate location.

5. Protect your system from virus and spyware

80% of computer users are dealing with spam, virus and spyware attacks. Such attacks are expected to have a big impact on business data. By keeping anti-virus software up-to-date businesses can at least reduce the risk of data failure. The diagram below shows the percentage of causes involved in data loss.

chart of data loss causes

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