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SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) is a set of standards for physically connecting and transferring data between computers and peripheral devices. SCSI is most commonly used for hard drives and tape drives, but it can connect a wide range of other devices, such us printer, scanner, and optical media storage.

Seagate SCSI drives are considered "intelligent", meaning all the electronics used to control drive function as self-contained on the drive unit itself. By design, it is an intellectual controller integrated directly into the peripheral device and supporting a unified set of control commands common for all devices of this type. SCSI devices have the unified scheme of logical addressing, independent of the physical geometry of the device, and a high level system of the commands. Having received the command, the device places it into the queue and releases the bus; the request initiator switches to solving another problem. Having processed the query, the device captures the bus again and sends the data to the initiator, informing the initiator about this event using the interrupt mechanism. In this way, the bus if efficiently used by several devices simultaneously, and idle time of the central processor is reduced to a minimum. Electrically, SCSI is either standard multicore cable or an optical fiber cable. The physical data transmission rate in the latest SCSI versions fully satisfies the requirements of the existing device, providing data transfer speed up to 320 MB/sec. Some electrical interfaces support a cable length of up to 25 meters and hot swapping of the devices. The maximum number of devices on a SCSI bus varies from interface to interface. On average it is possible to connect up to 15 devices on a bus without serious losses in the data-transmission rate. Seagate SCSI hard drives are used mostly in servers where speed and large amount of data storage are essential factors so they are the subject to heavy use and caused more likely to fail than other that used irregularly.

Like all other hard drives, SCSI drives have common hard drive malfunction symptoms.

Some commons types of physical failure:

- Mechanical: It occurs if the motor overheats and stops spinning. The hard drive's read/write heads or platters are most probably damaged when they bang making clicking, scraping or grinding noise.
- Electronic: Burned chip or damaged circuit on the hard disk as well as faulty component or improper installation.
- Logical: SCSI drives experience all the logical hard drive crashes such us file-system corruption and accidental formatting or deleting, virus attack etc.

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